Our Earth

We are committed to keeping our carbon footprint low and ensuring our beautiful earth is sustained for generations to come. We support organizations that educate and raise awareness of issues that affect our county, country and earth as a whole.

We keep it seasonal and change both our Catering & Eatery menus to feature seasonal selections.

We keep it hand crafted by making most everything from scratch. This means less packaging and more flavor and nutrients.

We purchase many of our fruits & vegetables from local farms and support local vendors at the Ocean Beach and Point Loma Farmer’s Markets, and we purchase organic, free-range, vegetarian fed eggs from a local poultry farm in San Diego County.

We support local companies including American Tuna, Ebenezer Poultry Ranch, Bread & Cie and Venissimo Cheese Shop (California artisan cheeses keep it close to home, but they have an extraordinary variety of cheeses from around the globe too).

We are mindful of any special dietary needs or allergies our clients may have. We feature gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan selections on both our Catering and Eatery menus.

We keep it biodegradable. Our to-go products are purchased through San Diego Paper, a locally owned company that makes their materials out of cane sugar, cornstarch and bamboo.

We ensure all recyclable items are recycled in our Eatery, at off-site events and in our offices.